Aller-DMG™ Chewable is a dietary supplement to support respiratory and nasal comfort as well as skin health.* Aller-DMG™ is an advanced supplement that supports healthy histamine levels and immune system function.*

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A dietary supplement to support those with respiratory & nasal discomfort and skin irritation.*

Aller-DMG™ Chewable:

• Supports proper respiratory function*

• Contains ingredients to maintain histamine levels within normal ranges and support a healthy, balanced immune response.*

• It’s a convenient, great-tasting chewable tablet

A dietary supplement recommended for:

• Itchy and irritated eyes, skin and nose*

• Runny or stuffy nose*

• Discomfort associated with environmental sensitivities*

Histamine Support

Quercetin is a potent, water-soluble bioflavonoid that is readily absorbed and utilized by the body. It supports cell membrane strength, thereby supporting proper reaction to irritants.* Quercetin supports histamine levels within normal ranges.*

Bromelain supports the body’s ability to relieve swelling and discomfort.* It helps to increase the absorption of quercetin; and together quercetin and bromelain work to support those with discomfort associated with environmental sensitivities.*

Perilla Seed Extract (yielding Polyphenols, Rosmarinic Acid and Luteolin) supports histamine levels within normal ranges.* Together the active components of perilla seed support those with discomfort associated with the aspects of histamine release including skin irritation, sneezing, stuffy nose, overproduction of phlegm, eye irritation, and runny nose.*

Antioxidant & Immune Support

Vitamin C & Quercetin: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that, enhanced by the synergistic presence of Quercetin, helps to support proper immune & respiratory functions and regulate the production of histamine.*

Dimethylglycine is a methyl donor that benefits the immune system by fighting free-radical damage.* DMG also supports proper respiratory function by promoting circulation and oxygen utilization to the lung tissues.*

Aller-DMG™ Chewable Advantage

• No other formula on the market combines all of these wellresearched nutrients into one great-tasting chewable tablet to help support proper immune & respiratory function and comfort.*


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