How To Make Your Vagina Tight After Birth

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Vagina Rejuvenation: How To Make Your Vagina Tight After Birth

A woman’s vagina undergoes many changes during her lifetime. Fluctuations in elasticity are common over one’s lifetime and may be related to hormonal changes, stress, and sex. Typically, these types of fluctuations are temporary. However, age and childbirth are the two main things that can have a lasting effect on a vagina’s elasticity.

After childbirth, or with age, many women resign themselves to the changes in their vagina’s elasticity. Others seek surgical procedures such as labiaplasty and vaginoplasty. Now, there is a third option. Slender Me Medical offers THERMIva™, a non-invasive, non-surgical, in-office treatment for women seeking to reclaim their younger, or pre-childbirth vaginal health.

It’s natural for your vagina to change after a vaginal delivery. A particularly strenuous vaginal childbirth can cause stretching of the vagina. Typically, a woman’s vagina will regain its natural elasticity shortly after pregnancy. However, if you’ve had multiple childbirths, your vaginal muscles are more likely to lose a bit of their elasticity.

The effects of aging can also cause physical and functional changes. Many women begin to see a change in their vagina’s elasticity starting in their early 40s. This is the perimenopausal stage when a dip in estrogen means your vaginal tissue may become thinner, less acidic, and less stretchy. Menopause can also cause physical and functional changes, such as excessive dryness. Roughly 50% of women develop symptoms related to vaginal atrophy- the deterioration of vaginal tissue that may cause a loss of vaginal elasticity.[i]

THERMIva™ is a treatment that is applied to the labia or inside the vagina using a specially designed probe that delivers radio-frequency energy and gently heats the tissue. It works by releasing radio-frequency energy through the wand which helps to tighten vaginal tissues, stimulate collagen production and increase blood flow. This treatment happens in the comfort and privacy of our office. After treatment, you can immediately return to your regular activities. THERMIva™ provides long-lasting results that may aid in you pleasure, and that of your partner.

In addition to vaginal rejuvenation, Slender Me Medical also specializes in hormones, aesthetics, and weight loss therapies. We provide safe an effective anti-aging and wellness services to women and men from all over California and the United States. Our offices are conveniently located in the city of Corona in Riverside County and the city of Irvine in Orange County.

Our weight loss services utilize the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) Diet Program which is a medically supervised weight loss plan that includes daily injections or oral pharmaceutical grade HCG, natural or prescription appetite suppressants, daily B-12 or lipocomplex injections, HCG protocol counseling, and weekly office visits.

Our aesthetic services are centered around the idea that you should look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside. From Botox® to fillers to facials and chemical peels, our proven health and beauty remedies will help you look and feel amazing.

Our hormone balancing services are aimed at people who may be experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, low sexual desire, mood changes, and/or any other symptoms that leave you feeling flat and simply not your usual self. Make an appointment to find out if our bio-identical hormone replacement therapy might be right for you. We will investigate that cause of your symptoms through blood and saliva tests, and use those results to create a personalized plan of care.

If you would like more information, contact Slender Me Medical via e-mail at or make an appointment online here. Walk-ins are also welcome. We have two convenient locations, in Corona and in Irvine. Both locations have counselors who speak English and Spanish. Come visit us and let us help you feel beautiful inside and out. Contact Us HERE



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